Another Week of War Planned

Last week began our study of the Civil War, which continues this week.  My goal this week is to learn more about President Lincoln with Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman.  We will keep working on our lapbook, which is taking us through the major battles of the Civil War.  We also have an audio cd to listen to from Jim Weiss called Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America.

Math U See plans for Joseph and Emma are to continue working on tens and ones.  We’re going to do lots of hands-on work with the manipulatives.  Makayla is officially halfway through MUS Beta.  The goal is to finish Beta before this baby arrives in November.  Then Makayla will take a ‘math break’ and just use Mathletics for two months before we start back to homeschool in January.  That is the hope anyway.

If all goes as planned we will finish reading The Twenty-One Balloons.  We only have 3 chapters left, about 67 pages.  That means I also really need to read our next selection for Book Club to make sure it is one our group will enjoy.  Have any of you read Hitty, Her First Hundred Years?  That is also the last book we’ve chosen.  Come August our Book Club will be considering a new purpose for the next 5 month period.  We’ve talked about a few ideas, maybe learning about a different country each month.  We’ll see when we get there and everyone knows more of what the fall looks like in their families.

Spelling for Makayla is Step 2 in All About Spelling level two.  Writing this week will be about the Civil War, which means I need to get some things together for her to use as source material for her Key Word Outline.

Joseph and Emma will work on reading to me and trying the next concept in Rocket Phonics.  The little story reader we’ll focus on this week is Hot Dog.  Their Letter of the Week will be Dd is for Dinosaur.

Beyond that we will do whatever comes along.  Maybe something related to the 4th of July, as I’m sure I have a lapbook for it in my computer somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Another Week of War Planned

  1. We enjoyed reading Hitty. We did it as a Five in a Row unit study. There are a lot of “rabbit trails” to jump on if you want to stretch it out.

  2. When we touched on the Civil War in Prairie Primer, one of the books that was recommended was Thunder at Gettysburg we got it at our library, it was a great book! Not real long, true story about a girl who lived in Gettysburg and ended up in the thick of things during that battle. Definitely worth checking your library for!

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