Charlotte’s Web Lapbooks

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures of the kids’ notebooks/lapbooks from our Charlotte’s Web unit. First up are the preschoolers. They did things about pigs and spiders mostly, with a few things specific to the story. We got a lot of the pieces from Homeschool Share in the pig lapbook and the itsy bitsy spider lapbook. The first two pictures are Emma and then Joseph’s pig page:Next you can see inside some of the minibooks in this picture:
Now here are the spider pages:

Many of Makayla’s pieces came from the Charlotte and Wilbur Project Pack I purchased from Hands of a Child. You will also recognize a few pig and spider pieces from the HomeschoolShare stuff in the preschool pictures above.
This first page has facts about the book Charlotte’s Web like when it was written, how many chapters it has, the name of the author and illustrator, other books written by E.B. White, a timeline of the author’s life, and a little about pigs.
The pig pages have information about what pigs eat, piglets, how farmers care for pigs, things that are made from pigs, and a minibook on the advice the animals on the farm gave to Wilbur when he escaped from his pigpen:
On these two pages are minibooks about spider facts, spider webs, why Wilbur couldn’t spin a web when he tried, the words Charlotte wove into her webs, and Wilbur versus ordinary pigs:
These two pictures show minibooks covering the award Wilbur won, Templeton the rat, spider life cycles, Charlotte’s egg sac, ways to be a good friend, and two coloring pictures:
She also took the challenge to write a summary for each chapter in the book. There were 22 chapters! So the last several pictures are those summaries, which we glued into the notebook.

In case you were wondering, we got these nice blank spiral bound books from Bare Books. They sell a lot of neat blank books, gameboards, and more that come in many sizes. They even have blank board books! We got these notebooks knowing we would not fill them with one unit. Instead the kids will now be making a collection of their lapbooks in these. They are having a lot of fun.

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