Civil War with a Side of Kites

I have been planning next week’s homeschool and realized we have two days in a row where we’ll be disrupted from the regular morning routine.  Wednesday is Book Club, which we love.  We’ll have really light plans for that day, just math and writing basics.  Then on Thursday I start my morning off with a long appointment at my midwife’s office.  I’ll be 20 weeks (halfway!) and having an ultrasound.  Yes, we do hope to find out if we’re having a boy or girl, and yes, I will tell you if the baby cooperates.  Our pattern so far has been: girl, boy, girl, boy, boy.  Any guesses as to this baby’s gender?  I’ve got no clue so far.  After the ultrasound, blood work, and a regular checkup take the first two hours of the morning we will likely have another day of light work.

I think this will be a good thing, though.  Next week the younger children are doing Kk is for Kite and I just happen to have the Kite Capers Download N’ Go unit.  These units are packed full for the 5 days they are divided into.  Instead of using this for one week we are going to spread it out over two weeks and let Makayla lead this unit for her younger siblings.  She will be manning the computer links and acting as recorder for the pages where answers need written.  She likes being in charge, and honestly, she does a good job leading her siblings in things like this.  All I need to do is peek ahead at the kite crafts and gather some supplies.  I spent yesterday evening printing out the pages they will use, including triplicate or quadruplicates of the pages the younger children will enjoy.  Today I was able to grab a few fun books related to kites, weather, clouds, and Ben Franklin to go along with each day’s topics from my library.

Math will continue along in MUS Primer and Beta.   There is nothing especially new for this week, just practice using the skills they already know.  I finally got our weather chart and week calendar laminated so I will start working with Emma and Joseph on that too.

Makayla will finish editing her paper about the Civil War this week.  Spelling for Makayla is Step 3 of All About Spelling Level 2.  She also will be planning and writing a talk for Sunday.  She is speaking in Primary on the topic “Jesus Christ went about doing good”.  This will be the first talk she really prepares by herself, so I am excited to see what she chooses to write on her topic.  Last Sunday Emma recited the scripture for the Primary, Matthew 10:5 (which we had practiced all week).  Next week Joseph will be reciting Luke 18:22 for the Primary, so that is the verse our family will learn this week.  After that everyone should be done as helpers in Primary for a few months!

Joseph and Emma will work on learning to write the letter Kk with their cues from Peterson Directed Handwriting, enjoy the Letter of the Week activities, and practice the letters and cues they have done up to now.

Beyond that we will keep plugging away  in our Civil War study, shifting to a study of what it was like being a soldier I think.  We will just grab a book each day to go through, starting with You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Civil War Soldier.  It is properly gross and entertaining, which means it is much more memorable.  Are your children like that?  Does the weird but true, the odd, or the gross really catch their attention and help them remember what they are learning?  Sigh.  Maybe it’s just my kids.

3 thoughts on “Civil War with a Side of Kites

  1. Tristan,

    We all adore the “You Wouldn’t Want to Be…” books – it seems there is one to accompany every historical era!

    Yes, we’re still on break here. We are taking an 8 week break until August 2nd. I’m enjoying all of the time to plan!


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