February Fun Week in Review

2.34Another week has flown past with the usual doctors appointments, youth group, Cub Scouts, piano lessons, and play in the snow.  We have played games like Ice Cap and built creations with Duplos.  It has been a good week.

2.73Homeschool has hopped along well enough for February.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  February is the hardest month to homeschool in the northern hemisphere, deep in winter with no hint of spring.  It is the month when more families talk about switching curricula than any other, face burnout, or wonder if they’re going to survive the school year.  I made specific plans for fun school this month to help with the mid-winter blahs.

We’ve been watching Little House on the Prairie as a family and chatting up what it would have been like to live with Laura and her family.  My middle kids were excited to do some writing when I printed out Minecraft writing prompts.  It really is the little things.  We’ve got a Question Jar we use at meal time to prompt fun and funny table discussions.  You really have to try this one, it has been eye-opening to hear my children’s opinions, stories, and ideas on random topics.  This month Brooketopia is hosting a Fabulously Fun-Filled February link up Want a sneak peek at one of my planned February activities?  We’ll be building cardboard tube marble runsShh!  The kids don’t know about it so don’t say anything yet.

2.72Here is a peek at some art and music going on at my house this week.  Makayla made a dragon egg pendant and Toothless the dragon out of Sculpey this week.  She’s also started a new music piece from The Carnival of the Animals – The Swan.  That prompted my children to listen to our copy of The Carnival of the Animals from Maestro Classics of course!  With my younger children we’ve been learning about the elements of art.

There have been many simple moments to enjoy the learning that goes on in a large family.  I feel the stretch between babies and middle school, toddlers and readers.  It is one of my favorite things because I get the best of both worlds, little ones still cuddly and sweet with middle and older ones becoming young ladies and young men before my eyes.

Oliver will be 5 this month and has wanted more ‘real school’ to do.  Seeing so much of Joseph’s learning traits in this child I know that learning needs to be fun and broken into consistent, short chunks.  The first thing I work on when a child asks to start real schoolwork like their siblings is learning to read.  Oliver knows letters and their sounds but is not yet blending.  He got a package in the mail this week for school.  All About Reading Level 1.

2.71I have four children I’ve taught to read already, well, three really because Daniel taught himself when he was 3.  I’m comfortable teaching reading without a curriculum.  I’m also a realist.  At this stage I have eight children and a busy life, including many days with medical appointments for Mason each month.  All About Reading will be a great tool to use with fun activities for Oliver and laid out progression for me.  I don’t have to think about what to work on next as his skills grow, I just move to the next lesson when he’s ready.  Oliver adores Ziggy the ZigZag Zebra, who is his partner in this learning to read adventure.  I adore his enthusiasm and my goal is to keep it alive throughout the learning to read process.

Lilla Rose Valentine Sale 2014One last thing – today and Saturday only there is a Lilla Rose sale going on in my shop.  If you have any questions on sizing you can watch the video in my shop or leave me a comment, I’m happy to help!

Well, those are the highlights for the week, now I’m off to bake muffins with some of my boys.  Be sure to check out the link-up hosts:  Collage Friday, Weekly Wrap-Up, This Week, and Fabulously Fun-Filled February.

9 thoughts on “February Fun Week in Review

  1. I am eager to hear how the marble track works. I have seen those and thought about trying it. I love the package your son received. My daughter was excited to get a new math book this week.

  2. I love your reminder to “speak kind words” when leaving a comment. :)

    Your week looks like A LOT of fun! I love the Sculpey dragons–I have a dragon fanatic here, and hadn’t thought of unleashing her into the Sculpey. Hmmm…

    I love, love, love your honesty in regards to teaching reading this time around. I’ve noticed the same thing with my kids, too. The first couple got all the focused thinking and little-to-no curriculum approach, and the youngers are helped along with *tools* of various curriculum. It just gets hard to keep track of it all! I’m thankful for curriculum, as it helps me stay on track when my mind has to be in four different places for four different kids. :)

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Fun-Filled February!

  3. Ooo, I can’t wait to get to American History so we can watch Little House on the Prairie! And Minecraft writing prompts? Do share more! My almost 9 yo loves Minecraft. Hope you love AAR! Hope you have another great week, too!

  4. In the spirit of the Olympics and the new piano piece, you might enjoy watching Oksana Baiul skate to “The Swan” in the 1994 Olympics. You can find it on YouTube. Absolutely mesmerizing. I fell in love with that song right then and there.

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