Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids – Review

I love music for many reasons:

  • You remember information you sing easily. I can still remember songs I learned when I was 8.
  • God loves music, it is a way we can draw close to him, thank him, or even plead with him.
  • Music usually catches the attention of little children. Very helpful at my house!

I can read music and play the piano a bit, but I have no experience with other instruments.

When we received the opportunity to kids-worship-bookreview Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids from I was thrilled. I figured if it was written for kids even I could learn with it! I prayed for help in finding a guitar and God provided a family in our church who had an extra guitar we could borrow indefinitely. We were set.

For the review experience we received access to the class through online streaming video($28.00), (it is also available on DVD for $29.97, or both for $33.00), with an e-book that comes along with the class. This program is for ages 5-9, though older students can get a start with it as well(I’m 28 and it works for me). Included in the class are 9 lessons, plus 9 practice sessions. You learn 11 chords and several songs.

A lesson has Jean sitting down teaching you how to play. It is much like I imagine sitting with a guitar teacher in our home would be, she talks right to you. The lessons also include Abigail, a girl who is learning guitar with you. I think it goes a bit fast for the younger end of the age range, but we simply paused the video long enough to try each finger placement if it was giving us trouble.

I like that each lesson is short and easy to fit into our day. We do one lesson and then spend the rest of the week using the practice session or just the e-book, which we printed out. In the e-book after the lesson pages the student sees a page with a large gray box telling them what to play this week. After lesson one, for example, it says:

    • Pray First
    • Play the guitar for 5 to 10 minutes a day, 5 or 6 days a week.
    • Do the arm/rhythm exercise 4 times.
    • Walk ‘i’ and ‘m’ on the 1st string with the rhythm.
    • Sing and play ‘Thank You Father’.

Makayla is able to do this independently, or turn on the practice session and do it along with Jean and Abigail. The songs are sweet and adaptable. Using the first lesson again for my example, you learn to play “Thank You Father”. Once you know the pattern the words can easily be changed to thank God for whatever is meaningful to you that day (and this is shown and encouraged in the lesson). What a blessing for a child to have an easy way to praise God while learning an instrument.

What do we think? My daughter is enjoying this approach to learning guitar. She is having fun and really learning. I am too! I like the fact that I can do this in my own home instead of finding a babysitter or taking the 4 younger children along when we have lessons.

Another thing that stands out for me is the cost. Worship Guitar for Kids is 9 music lessons for under $30.00. In my area guitar lessons cost $15.00 per lesson. That is $135.00 for the same 9 lessons, a difference of $105.00. In our one-income household that is important.

Another perk: We can watch the lesson over and over and over. The DVD teacher has infinite patience and we do not need to wait until the next week’s lesson if we forget what we are supposed to have learned.

Anyone can see just over half of the first lesson of Jean Welles Worship Guitar for Kids HERE. They also offer a Worship Guitar Class of four separate levels for older students (ages 9 and up) with Jean Welles. If guitar really takes off with my children that would be the next thing I would invest in.

Some of my TOS crewmates received the younger class like I did to review, while others received the older series, so check out their reviews HERE.

{Disclaimer: I received free access to Worship Guitar for Kids so I could review it. I received no other compensation and all opinions presented here are my own.}

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  1. I’m so glad that you liked this product. I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar myself. I use You Tube and library videos. I’ll be glad to check out this Workship Guitar Class for Kids. It sounds great!!

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