Need Some Creativity in Your Day? Plus a small information reveal.

Are you always looking for some fun and easy art inspiration for April?  Do you need a little bit of encouragement for creativity?  This month some of my family will be participating in TinkerLab’s Sketchbook Challenge.

There is a prompt for each day to use as inspiration for a sketch. Five minutes is all you need – even if that means keeping your sketchbook in the bathroom. Yes, I’ve seriously considered doing just that.  Participants are invited to share their daily sketch on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #tinkersketch. Did I just reveal I’m on Facebook and wading into the waters of Instagram? Click the links to find me. And if you have tips for this whole Instagram thing I’m open to them, I’m trying to figure out how to do it with my Kindle Fire and it’s a whole new world of confusing things for this smart-phone-less, can’t-even-text Momma.

But what do I DO for my sketch?

Anything the prompt brings to mind!  TinkerLab’s example is a great one:

“You can interpret the daily prompts however you want. “Drips” to one person may mean flicking watercolors off a toothbrush and to another person it might mean covering a page in marker and then leaving the page outside on a drizzly morning. You can take them literally or not — this is completely up to you.” 1

I love that this is open-ended and offers room for creativity!  As a mom to eight children I sometimes get so caught up in the day to day routine that creativity is left on a high shelf to gather dust.  After all, creativity can be messy, and if I’m making a mess the kids are sure to want to join in.  Moments later the whole room looks like a tornado passed through.  For April I’m embracing the mess and bringing creativity back into my day.

What do you do as a mom to keep your creativity flowing? If you or your children are up for the TinkerLab Sketchbook Challenge let me know! I would love to see some of your sketches this month and hope to share a few of ours.

3 thoughts on “Need Some Creativity in Your Day? Plus a small information reveal.

  1. For about 10 minutes I thought I’d join this challenge . . . then I realized that I’m helping my daughters redecorate their rooms, so I’m up to my eyeballs in sandpaper, primer, paint, and decoupage; I’m preparing to teach one daughter how to sew her own clothing for an upcoming pioneer trek; I’m measuring our dining room to determine how large a table I can build; I’m leading a choir number for my kids’ performance group because there’s no one else to do it, so I’m getting quite a crash course in conducting . . . I’m not up for this challenge! :) But in answer to your question–this is how I’m keeping my creativity flowing.

  2. Are you currently taking reader questions? If you are accepting questions, my questions are: 1) how do you have time for social media. I have half the babies you do and I homeschool too, but I do not have time for social media. 2) Have you always had social media? 3) How do you justify your time on it? I feel like it’s not benefial to our family, but you just tied it in to homeschool so maybe it is. 4) Is your husband on social media? Your oldest child? 5) If so, what are your rules? for them and for you? 6) Basically, what benefits do you see from social media? I can see the benefit from having a blog (a written record), but somehow I don’t understand the wisdom in social media (facebook especially). Thank you for your time.

Thoughts? Questions? Speak kind words!